All sessions will be held in the Claus Moser Research Centre, Keele University

Quick overview

09.00-10.00  Welcome and Reception
10.00-11.00  Plenary Lecture 1
11.00-11.15  Coffee
11.15-12.45  Panels 1
12.45-13.45  Lunch
13.45-15.15  Panels 2
15.15-15.30  Coffee
15.30-17.00  Panels 3
17.15-18.15  Plenary Lecture 2

Detailed Programme

09.00-10.00  Welcome and Reception

10.00-11.00  Plenary Lecture 1: 
Rachel Carroll (Teeside University): ‘Performing Race: Black Britain and the Classic Adaptation’
Chair: Beth Johnson

11.00-11.15  Coffee

11.15-12.45  Panels 1:
1A (Re)make it Modern
Chair: Nick Bentley
Fern Pullan (Leeds Metropolitan University): ‘Does Daisy Do It Differently?: Contemporary Adaptations and Rewritings of the Gothic and Golden Age’
Joanna Robinson (King’s College London and Museum of London): ‘A “whole stock of miscellaneous lumber, which was certainly curious”: The Relevance of Adaptation to Dickens 2012’
Dave Cliffe (De Monfort University): ‘Spying on the Spies: Adaptations of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

1B Acts of Rewriting
Chair: Nick Seager
Lucy Munro (King’s College, London): ‘Mouldy Tales? Adapting Elizabethan Fiction for the Caroline Stage’
Kirsty Bunting (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘“Bare-faced intrusion upon the silence of the grave”: Daphne du Maurier’s Posthumous Completion of Q’s Castle Dor
Neil Archer (Keele University): ‘A Novel Experience in Crime Narrative: Watching and Reading The Killing

12.45-13.45  Lunch

13.45-15.15  Panels 2:

2A The Victorians on Stage and Screen
Chair: Jo Taylor
Lucy Barnes (University of Cambridge): ‘Next Week, East Lynne: The Theatrical Lives of a Literary Sensation’
Amy Holley (Swansea University): ‘The Impact of Class on Nineteenth-Century Stage Adaptations’
Deborah Wynne (University of Chester): ‘In the Cage: Fashioning the Brontës in Jane Campion’s The Piano (1993)’

2B Adaptation and National Contexts
Chair: Katie McGettigan
Rose Casey (Cornell University): ‘Feminist Adaptations of Indian Property Law in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
Magdalena Ozarska (Jan Kochanowski University): ‘Maria Wirtemberska’s Malvina (1816), its 2001 English Translation, and the Language of Flowers’
Femke Essink (University of Amsterdam): ‘Adaptations as Critique: Evenings (De avonden) and the Representation of the Netherlands as a Gay Tolerant Society’

15.15-15.30  Coffee

15.30-17.00  Panels 3:

3A Audiences and Mediation
Chair: David Amigoni
Andrea Nevitt (Keele University): ‘“Hope blew out like a candle in a storm”: The Expectations and Evaluations of Game of Thrones Fans before and after the Televised “Red Wedding”’
Nicholas Seager (Keele University): ‘Tristram Shandy Adapted and Appropriated: Martin Rowson’s Graphic Novel and Michael Winterbottom’s A Cock and Bull Story
Claire Browne (University of Sheffield): ‘My Name is Lizzie Bennet: Adapting Classic Novels Using New Media’

3B Conceptual Approaches: Auteur, Ownership, Transaction
Chair: Robert Croton
Megan Hunt (University of Northumbria): ‘A Good Director is Hard to Find: Re-evaluating John Huston’s Wise Blood
James Peacock (Keele University): ‘Give it away, now: Jonathan Lethem’s “Promiscuous Materials”’
Richard Whitney (Independent Scholar): ‘Introducing Louise Rosenblatt: Humanist Transactions with Adaptation’

17.15-18.15  Plenary Lecture 2:

Sarah Wootton (University of Durham): ‘The Byronic Hero in Screen Adaptations of the Nineteenth-Century Novel’
Chair: Jonathon Shears

19.00-         Conference Dinner (Details TBC)


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